Using found or photographed images I use painting and drawing as a means to study architectural environments and reveal the affect of politics and history while working through questions of my own nationality and identity.

Dealing with images from news and documents of Palestinian ruins where there is an attempt to create an objective standpoint, I share my subjective stance by creating personal and empathetic brushstrokes with a deliberate emphasis on a seductive color scheme. Eliminating almost all figures in my painterly interpretation, I abstract and distill images to examine disappearance and displacement in a broader context. In this way, my investigation travels from the personal to the universal.

Painting fragments of Islamic architectural ornaments and ceramic tiles from Uzbekistan, I change them into a non-symmetrical melting form. In another group of works I place Islamic patterns on top of representations of Manhattan, juxtaposing the two aesthetics. In this series the ornament becomes the subject while the architecture is the background.

In my latest series, I paint scenes from a large construction site in lower Manhattan, just a block away from the World Trade Center. The grandeur of the construction of a modern skyscraper is reduced to frames showing the construction work, the materials and process. Revealing the craft of the building is parallel to the way my brushstrokes reveal the craft of painting.

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